#LEICSGEEKS – Leicester Geeks Meet for Wifi & Network

An that’s not the TCP IP type of networking either.

We really do need to get out more they tell us. Ok so how about us Leicester geeks doing precisely that and getting out more to meet up with fellow geeks and geekesses to discuss all things geek from Web site design and SEO tips and tricks to Virtualisation and Hyper V on Windows Server 2008 R2.

All geeks know that ours is a knowledge based, know how driven industry where what we earn is directly proportionate to what we know and that what we know quickly loses its value as it is superseded by new tech and stuff all the time.

Meeting up with fellow techies and digital creativity whizzes

This is why meeting up with fellow techies and digital creativity whizzes is so important as we can not possibly keep abreast of more than a fraction of innovations and new developments on our own but together we can divide and conquer so to speak.

For example, how many of you are about to buy a new system or notebook this year. ? How many have just done so? Well if i tell you that you need to look out for USB 3 and Sata 3 this year you might of been prepared to wait or choose a model with it already in.

Quite important if you regularly work with large amounts of Data such as HD Video and want to xfer to external devices that is still only 480Mbps rather than 500OMbps which is USB 3.

Likewise SATA 3 due out this year and already appearing in some top spec mobo’s. 6Gbps rather than 3Gbps.

Now that is just two facts that I am fortunate enough to be aware of and have been giving sound advice to clients and friends alike to hold off on purchasing anything just yet if they possibly can.

Don’t get ambushed by knowledge surprises

Other knowledge though takes me by surprise and I find out things late and the hard way. Well I hate surprises and like to be the one laying in wait to ambush opportunity rather than get ambushed by surprises.

So there is the need for #LEICSGEEKS.

So now lets discuss and decide… best time and place..

Our suggested venue is the very central and cosy Almanack in the Highcross Quarter in Leicester. Reason=Geek friendly with Free WIFI and plenty of power sockets for notebooks and external drives as well as other sundry gadgets.

Tea is £1.60 a pot. Coffee is ? Someone please advise and they have a great food their also.

A couple of questions… Sunday has been suggested by some #leicsgeeks on twitter. Is that the best day or should we alternate? What do people think?

Also… the time. I propose 10am as we will be bright as buttons at that time and if it is a Sunday it does not clash with Sunday dinner or any afternoon stuff. Is 10am best? What would you Leicester geeks prefer as a time?

What about the venue? The Almanack is centralish in Leicester city centre close to Wagamama and the Cinema in the Highcross. Is that best or would some like to use Phoenix Square?

Personally I find Phoenix Square unresponsive when I was trying to organise use of the digital editing suite there so organising space and any other facilities for #leicsgeeks might also prove problematic and I really would like this to run effortlessly and smoothly for us all.

Frequency of meetings… well i feel once every 2 weeks would be ok. What do you think?

Will use Eventbrite to manage invites which of course will be free and used just to issue reminders and to co-ordinate.

Who we got so far…?

Currently have the following Leicester geeks down as interested… @emkwan @IanDai @eddydubai @jakaraka @Bear_Faced @L_Digital_Media and a few more.

Please add a comment here with your twitter name to confirm if you are also interested and i will add you to the #LEICSGEEKS twitter list and keep you updated on our progress in setting this up.