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High Tech Geeky Integrated Blinds – Not for Windows only

Integrated Blinds – High Tech Solar Control

integrated integral blinds inside double glazing

Integrated Blinds are basically high tech micro venetian blinds in between two panes of glass.

If Apple designed them they would be called I-Blinds.

What are Integrated Blinds

Made from aluminium and cordlessly controlled by Bluetooth, solar power or High Tech Magnetic control technology Integrated Blinds are taking the world by storm.

Probably the best Integral Blinds on the market are Sunshade Integral Blinds made in Corby here in the UK.

Also known as Integral Blinds or Interstitial Blinds


Integrated blinds are also known as Integral Blinds or Interstitial Blinds.

Because they are sealed between two panes of glass in a hermetically sealed unit, they never get dusty or dirty and need cleaning. For this reason they are ideal in hospitals and healthcare \ dental surgery environments.

Neither do they flap around if you want the window open making any annoying noise in your office or home environment.

Also integral blinds (integrated blinds \ interstitial blinds ) never get damaged and end up broken or otherwise in disarray.

Pricewise they compare really well with conventional blinds. When you take into account that you also get brand new high tech solar control glazing with Pilkington Activ self cleaning low emissivity glass as part of the product then it really does pay dividends.

5 years ago I had Thomas Sanderson blinds installed with cost me and arm and a leg. Integral blinds including the cost of the energy efficient self cleaning glass works out 25% cheaper than the pleated blinds Thomas Sanderson installed in my home.

Integral Blinds HD Video

See our HD Video demonstrating Integral Blinds

Colour Options of the Blinds Inside Double glazing.

The integral blinds are available in a full and extensive range of colours. Over a dozen colours as standard and scores of colours on extended orders.

Where can I buy integral blinds?

To buy the blinds at reduced commercial rates as they are still not available at the high priced retail rates yet, you can enquire at the following websites.






Are Integral Blinds only for Windows?

No that was a joke… they are also available for all doors including patio doors and bi-fold doors such as those made by Harbour Bi-fold Doors somewhere on the south coast of England.

Want a brochure emailed to you… just let me know and I’ll get ones sorted for you in email straight away.