Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD’s) – My Thoughts

For a few years now I have been monitoring development of ICANN’s proposed of the expansion of the internet namespace by allowing use of generic top level domains.

It’s been moving closer and closer to implementation and in my opinion could totally revolutionise the face of the internet and how businesses operate on the web. Additionally Generic Top Level Domains will create massive fortunes as well transform outcomes overnight.

For example for my own industry we will technically be able to buy .glass or .blinds  or .solarcontrol.

This means that as well as owning we could have the domain name www.integral.blinds or or integralblinds.solarcontrol

Vetted for ownership

I say “could”and “technically”… because owning one of these is going to be massively expensive. You would be looking at 500k to a million.

Additionally you are vetted by ICANN (the worldwide authority for the management of top level domains) to make sure amongst other things that you have the technical ability and infrastructure in place to manage and support a Generic Top Level Domain.

Therefore its not like a business can go out and quickly and cheaply acquire one of these internet names the same way you can currently register other domains.

Companies that might and ought to buy gTLD’s are companies like Saint Gobaine or Pilkington who ought to in my opinion ought to bet the ranch to buy up .glass or perhaps a car giant such as BMW reaching deep into its cavernous pockets to snap up .car or .4×4

They would then use, give out or license sub domains such as leicester.4×4, dealer.4×4 or to their dealers or distributors which would give users added credibility as well as no doubt advantages over competitors in search engine ranking for the terms used.

Stellar Fortunes created overnight

One thing is for sure that like when all new territory is opened up is that those of us in business who are on the ball and awake to new opportunities to developments in the digital arena in which all modern business must also operate is that those who can financially and technically stake claims for the right gLTD’s will do very well out of it indeed.

The cost though reassuringly means small time domain name speculators can not snap up one of these hold brand a company or an entire industry to ransom to make a fortune.

At £500k + a pop the cost is too prohibitive. Even major corporations would really have to bite their lips in considering whether to buy one of these or not.

This takes away some of the defensive reasons to buy up names but still there will be the sleepless nights for CEO’s of businesses taking a gamble in not buying into gTLD’s fretting and worrying that their competitors might find out about the names and not take the same laid back commercial view of them.

Owning one would in my opinion totally turbo charge their businesses and put their competitors at an instant disadvantage from which they would forever have to struggle against.

Personally if all I had in the world was a million pounds I would hand all of it over to own .blinds or .glass. But I have not, therefore don’t expect to to see me sporting a integral.blinds email or web address any time soon.

Own a unique generic keyword domain? Will GTLD’s upset our apple cart?

For those of us who the gods have benevolently bestowed the good fortune to own a unique top level generic keyword domain name for our own products or services does this new domain spell a change of fortunes or disaster any time soon?

No, I don’t think it does personally. As the only companies that can afford these domain are big organisations and as it is a fact that big organisations are at least for the most part anyway… extremely slow to adopt, reluctant to implement and too stubborn when told to seize any opportunities in the digital arena to swiftly do so, I think that everything will remain business as usual and that our unassailable top spots on Google will remain very much unassailed… at least for the next 10 years to 20 yrs or so at least.

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