Creative Coffee Club at Phoenix Square in Leicester

The Creative Coffee Club Leicester which has its origins with Toby Moores (@Sleepydog) lunchtime jaunts alongside the Leicester canal near to De Montfort University with Professor Sue Thomas breathlessly in tow trying to keep up with the every increasing pace of not only walk but conversation for as Toby would increasingly get into what he was saying… he would speak faster and also walk faster.

If rumour is to be beleived they reached back at the doors of the university like they were finishing the 100metres.

Well through my association with Amplified Leicester, I also came to be involved in Creative Coffee Club which meets every over week at Phoenix Square the new Leicester Digital Media centre.

Creative Coffee Leicester or to use its twitter tag #CCLEIC is a great place for people in the creative fields to meet up with like minded people.

The purpose is primarily to network, build contacts and informal relationships and to acquire and share ideas and opinions on all things creative and often business oriented.

Creative Coffee Club charges no membership fee and is easy to drop in on, on an attend if you can basis. So other than the cost of a cup of coffee or tea and whatever transport in getting there it is free to attend and of immense potential professional value.

Another good thing I like is that there is free wifi at Phoenix Square so you can keep in touch, fire off an email or two or use the web to discuss something online with a fellow ccleic member.

There there are the guest speakers.

On the 28th April 2010 we had Toby Moores… @sleepydog himself talking to us whilst earlier in the year on the 20th January 2010 we had Alison Norrigton… @alisonnorrin chick Lit Novelist and practice-based PhD researcher giving us a really fascinating talk about ‘Using New Media Strategies to Monetise Content’.

I have actually videod most or all of the Talks and hope sometime this year to edit them and upload them.

Want to Join us? Contact the CCLEIC host Jayne Childs

Be sure to follow Creative Coffee Leicester on twitter by following @CCLEICand the #ccleic tag.