Seaside Holidays changed forever…

Never has something so idyllic been so changed as the seaside holiday after the events at Sousse in Tunisia on the 26th June 2015. Life Guard before and after Sousse, Tunisia 2015The realisation is now that for many British holiday makers it is not only that the beaches in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya and Egypt that are not safe but that is just a matter of time before a similar event could occur at Brighton, Margate, Great Yarmouth or Clacton.

Whilst this will make a lot of British holiday makers choose UK based holiday locations instead of the overseas resorts, is it really true to say we are going to be safe on a UK beach. Is the sight of a dark skinned man wandering onto a British Beach with a parasol under his arm not going to make some people nervous and unsettled?

The thought of a brainwashed lunatic with a penchant for getting his quota of virgins in a prematurely arrived at afterlife going along a major British beach or through a packed theme park on a bank holiday with a sack of hand grenades and a machine gun might cross ones mind.

If you think this sounds far fetched… Remember it was only a generation ago the IRA were bombing British shoppers in Manchester, Knightsbridge, Bristol, Warrington and Bognor Regis whilst commuters at Victoria, Kings Cross, Euston and Lichfield Railway Stations were also attacked and killed.

As a side note… When you realise that the chance of someone initiating a biological or chemical attack on a massed crowd such as at a rock concert or football match within the UK also does not seem so far fetched it makes you realise that cuts to police numbers and funding are abject lunacy.